2015 Super Bowl XLIX commercials

Watch 10 of the Super Bowl XLIX commercials

Nationwide and NO MORE breached difficult issues, Kia and Supercell recruited celebrity assistance and Budweiser used another cute dog to promote its alcoholic beverages. But which of the dozens of commercials got the most attention during the big game?

USA Today collected ratings from over 7,000 panelists in order to find out. If you want to see the complete rankings, featuring all 61 commercials, be sure to head over to USA Today, but here are the top 10 most popular commercials according to the Ad Meter.

1. Budweiser – Lost Dog

2. Always – #LikeAGirl

3. Fiat – Blue Pill

4. Microsoft – Braylon O’Neill

5. Doritos – Middle Seat

6. Dodge – Wisdom

7. Toyota – My Bold Dad

8. Coca-Cola – #MakeItHappy

9. Nissan – With Dad

10. McDonald’s – Pay with Lovin’