Honda Civic Coupe 2014 – First Car With iOS Mirroring

Honda may have already announced earlier this year that it would support Apple’s Siri Eyes Free feature in some of its cars, but the Japanese car maker hasn’t stopped there. Not content with already being towards the forefront of Apple’s mobile integration within cars, Honda has now confirmed that it will also be the first car firm to offer iOS mirroring in one of its upcoming automobiles.

Starting December 4th, Honda has announced that its new 2014 Civic Coupe will come equipped with a 7-inch multi-touch screen that will be able to effectively act as an iOS device thanks to iOS mirroring. It’s currently unclear exactly what that will entail, or what it will allow owners of the car to really do with their devices. Apple is currently on something of a push when it comes to trying to get iOS into the cars we drive, with iOS in the Car shown at this June’s WWDC. Being able to place calls, browse maps and send or receive messages is a given at this point, but we suspect that 7-inch screen may be put to further use in the new Civic.



Being able to take advantage of all that iOS has to offer while out and about in our cars is something that many people have been crying out for since the first iPhone. This only intensified when the iPad was released, with car modders quick to start building iPads right into the dash of their custom cars. The iPad mini made this even easier, but if car makers can integrate iOS devices like iPhones and iPads right into the car’s existing systems, we could be in for some interesting times ahead.