iOS 8 apps that supports Touch ID

iOS 8, released to the public earlier today, included a slew of new APIs for developers. One of those APIs opened up Touch ID to third-party apps, letting developers use the fingerprint scanner for authentication purposes within apps.

Quite a few apps have been updated to take advantage of Touch ID integration, replacing passwords and PIN codes. We’ve gathered up a comprehensive list of the most popular apps that have integrated Touch ID support below.

1Password (Free) [Direct Link] – Password management app 1Password allows Touch ID to replace a Master Password, providing access to the app.

LastPass (Free) [Direct Link] – Like 1Password, LastPass uses Touch ID to protect a user’s LastPass vault. It replaces the Master Password.

Amazon App (Free) [Direct Link] – The newly updated Amazon app for iOS 8 allows users to sign into their Amazon accounts using Touch ID instead of a password.

Discover Mobile (Free) [Direct Link] – Banking app Discover Mobile lets users log into their accounts using Touch ID instead of a password.

Evernote (Free) [Direct Link] – Evernote allows Evernote premium users who have protected their accounts with a passcode to log in with Touch ID instead of a number.

Mint (Free) [Direct Link] – Money management appMint allows users to substitute Touch ID for a passcode when logging into their Mint accounts.

Scanner Pro ($6.99) [Direct Link] – Scanner Pro‘s newly updated iOS 8 app lets users protect their scanned information with Touch ID.

Simple (Free) [Direct Link] – Banking app Simple lets users log into their bank accounts with Touch ID.

Lowe’s (Free) [Direct Link] – The mobile app for home improvement store Lowe’s allows users to log into their MyLowe’s personal accounts.

These are just a small sampling of the apps that have integrated Touch ID so far. Additional app developers will likely be rolling the feature into their apps in the near future, now that iOS 8 is widely available.