iPad Air 2 starting at $499

Apple just announced the iPad Air 2, starting at $499, pre-order starts Friday Oct 17th, and ships the following week.

Following an official unveiling of its new second generation iPad Air at its press event today, Apple has now confirmed the device will start at $499 and ship next week. Preorders for the new iPad Air 2 kick off tomorrow, Oct. 17.

The $499 starting price for the new iPad Air is for the 16GB, Wi-Fi only model matching the prices of the previous generation iPad Air. Apple will also offer 64GB ($599) and 128GB ($699) variants of the device that all increase by $100 from the entry-level 16GB model. The cellular model of the iPad Air 2 starts at the same $629 for the 16GB model as the previous generation.
With the new iPad Air 2 retaining the same pricing as the previous generation, Apple announced it will also continue selling the previous generation a new lower price point.

The new iPad Air features an 18% slimmer design, a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, a gold color option and a number of other improved internals. Full specs and details on new features are available here.