more iPhone 6 videos

Another video showing Apple’s new IPhone 6.

Since the original leak, several other claimed iPhone 6 devices have been appearing on Chinese sites, giving the opportunity for even more examination of the possible authenticity. One user on video sharing site MiaoPai who had posted a few brief videos of the device in action that we added in an update to our previous post has continued posting clips, with well over a dozen now available on his page.

In addition, a seven-minute Youku video review of the device has been posted walking through a number of features and giving overall impressions of the device.

some important points from the video:

1. Because of no usable sim card, they can’t show the phone features
2. Repeatedly showing touch ID, so this is NOT an Android knockoff
3. Don’t know how many mega-pixel the camera is, but it is fast!
4. Showing health kit, probably will work with iWatch
5. One hand operation is very comfortable
6. Curved edges