Setup a phone card dialer on iPhone

Do you hate having to manually dial a phone card pin, then dial the country code, and then the phone number …. too many steps!!

iPhone will take care of this for you!  Follow these steps

1. Create a new contact

2. Enter Phone Card phone number follow by a semicolon “;” then PIN, follow by aother semicolon “;” then country code and finally the phone number

So it looks like this when you call a Taipei number in Taiwan for example: 8005551234;112233;88621234567

(Phone Card local nmber),PIN number for phone card,country code and phone number

3. After you dial, at the bottom left of the dialer, you will see “dial …” you will see the PIN, and then phone after.


用電話卡的時候是不是很煩? 不但要打當地電話, 又要打密碼然後再撥國外電話, 讓人受不了 !!!

愛瘋機可以幫你簡化這個手續 !

1. 建立一個新的聯絡人

2. 電話用這個模式輸入  電話卡當地電話 “分號”  電話卡密碼 “分號” 國家代號以及當地電話

例如 打到台北 8005551234;112233;88621234567

3. 撥號開始後 在螢幕的左下角會看到 “撥 下一段號碼”