Star Wars Battlefront Beta

If you weren’t already excited enough, there is more Star Wars Battlefront news to share today. The multiplayer beta will be hitting Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in early October. In addition to the 40 player Rebel vs. Empire Walker Assault on Hoth, another new gameplay mode will be introduced along with a companion app. Full details below.

The Walker Assault on Hoth, previously detailed back in June, pits 40 players against each other focusing on the Empire’s massive AT-AT assault vehicles. This mode includes Y-Wing Bombers, Snow Speeders, as well as playable Luke and Darth Vader characters. EA also drops hint of a new mode called Survival Mission on Tatooine with two Rebels making their way through combat waves of Imperial forces. More details are set to come at a later date.


Additionally, today’s release makes note of a new Star Wars Battlefront Companion Experience app that will be released during the beta period. It will feature a 「strategic card game」 callled Base Command. It will also allow players to multitask and receive notifications from the game on iOS and Android devices. While it’s not exactly clear what this supplemental add-on will bring, we expect it to be similar to DICE’s Battlefield 4 companion app.


The specific launch date of the beta was not announced, but we’ll continue to post the latest news as the release gets closer. Star Wars Battlefront is available for pre-order today with discounts from varying retailers. Be sure to keep it locked to our daily games/apps roundups for the best deals on all the upcoming releases this fall.