Tesla Model 3 with white interior option spotted

Tesla Model 3 with white interior option spotted

A gorgeous Tesla Model 3 with white interior option was recently spotted charging at the Mountain View Supercharger station just outside of company headquarters. This marks the first time we’re seeing white seats on a non-prototype Model 3 in a public setting.

Tesla first revealed a white interior option for Model 3 at the March 31, 2016 unveiling event, when the company gave test rides in prototypes that were configured with dual motors.

The latest photos of the white Model 3 posted to Imgur reveal a white interior option that will not officially be offered until Fall 2017, according to the company’s Model 3 reservation FAQ page.

Early recipients of Model 3 consisting of employees, investors and company board members, took delivery of vehicles that were outfitted with black seats and black interior trim. It’s not clear if the Model 3 seen in the latest photos is one of the first production vehicles or a release candidate, though it’s more likely the later.

Recent screenshots of the Model 3 online configurator indicate that the choice of interior color has not yet been made available. Beyond Model 3’s optional $5,000 Premium Upgrades package that includes heated ‘vegan’ seats in black, open pore wood decor, a premium sound system, and more – buyers will have to wait until later this year before the white interior option becomes available. Tesla CEO Elon Musk also recently confirmed that the dual motor option for Model 3 is expected in mid-2018, as the company works on ‘getting out of Model 3 production hell‘.

Tesla Model 3 details

Tesla Model 3 details

The cheaper (but I still can’t afford) Model 3  has been released! I’ve collected some details for you all.

  1. Tesla confirms Model 3 battery pack uses 2170 form factor cells
  2. First production run, you MUST purchase larger battery and premium upgrade $49,000 price tag
  3. Add $5,000 for enhanced autopilot
  4. Add $3,000 for full automation (coming later)
  5. Want other colors besides black, add $1,000
  6. So far, $ 58,000

Head over to Teslanomics for more details

Model 3 is a smaller, simpler and a more affordable electric car. Designed and built as the world’s first mass-market electric vehicle, it is a critical step in Tesla’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

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Like every Tesla vehicle, Model 3 combines range, performance, safety and technology. Intelligent design maximizes interior space to comfortably fit five adults and all of their gear. The high-efficiency powertrain provides zero to 60 mph acceleration in as little as 5.1 seconds.

Model 3 is designed to achieve the highest safety ratings in every category. Combined with 220- to 310 miles of range and a starting price of $35,000 before incentives, Model 3 is Tesla’s most affordable vehicle yet.

Model 3 is currently in production, and deliveries to employee reservation holders began on July 28, 2017 at the Tesla Factory in Fremont, CA. Reservations for Model 3 first opened on March 31, 2016 and remain available today.

*EPA estimated range


Price – $35,000

Standard Battery

  • Range: 220 miles (EPA estimated)
  • Supercharging rate: 130 miles of range per 30 minutes
  • Home charging rate: 30 miles of range per hour (240V outlet, 32A)
  • Deliveries begin: Fall 2017

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Tesla Model 3: 7th production car spotted

Tesla Model 3: 7th production car spotted

Two Tesla Model 3s have been spotted and Tesla fans are roaring about two things: a spacious back seat and the 7th production vehicle off the line.

Photos surfaced early Thursday morning on Reddit of a midnight silver Model 3 and one in blue, the same color as the one we first spotted in April. A photo of the vehicle’s temporary registration ID affixed to the lower right corner of the windshield reveals the VIN. Using the Model 3 VIN decoder, we see that 5YJ3E1EABHF000007 is Tesla’s 7th production car built in its Fremont factory.

The post also gave us yet another great look at Model 3’s interior, including the touchscreen display, center console, and an adequate back seat. Looking at the photos of the front seat, it’s worth noting that they appear to be pushed-back, leading us to believe that the actual legroom of Model 3’s rear seat is substantial.

“Wow thats a lot of leg room in the back!” wrote Revo_7 on Reddit.

As the affordable, high-volume Tesla, the leg room signals Musk’s promise to deliver an affordable, practical vehicle for families, but more importantly accommodation for the Tesla Network.

As release candidates and production vehicles are produced, Musk and the manufacturing teams could be taking their time to ensure everything is perfect before production jumps to higher volumes. Either way, it does show that multiple vehicles have been produced. Musk and Tesla’s processes will be put to the test as production exponentially increases leading up to the July 28 delivery event.

Is this Elon Musk’s personal Tesla Model 3??

Is this Elon Musk’s personal Tesla Model 3??

Rumors swirled early Tuesday morning after a series of Model 3 photos rumored to be Elon Musk’s personal first production “SN1” vehicle were captured at Tesla’s Palo Alto headquarters.

US Air Force veteran Jeff Meinke, and Teslarati app user who goes by “Crush”, submitted detailed pictures of the Model 3 interior, including a close-up look at the never-before-seen mounting point for the center display.


Jeff tells Teslarati that he was running his usual weekly, early morning routine of charging up at Tesla HQ before heading to a nearby meeting. A local resident of the Bay Area and soon-to-be three-time Tesla owner – Jeff currently owns a Model S P85, Model X 75D and has an early reservation for the Model 3 – he circled the parking lot to find a charger, before coming across a gorgeous black Tesla Model 3.

Though Tesla Valet at headquarters knows Jeff well, he tells us, it was during the early hours before valet attendants arrived on scene, typically at 7:30 a.m. Pacific Time and was on site before anyone had arrived. Not missing on the opportunity to take photos of the elusive Model 3, Jeff quickly snapped a few photos from his mobile phone and even had the opportunity to tinker with the Model 3 door handle.

More Model 3 photos 300+ mile range and interior details

New photos have surfaced on Reddit of the Model 3 at a supercharging station. Unlike past photos, these show the Model 3’s charging screen and several crucial details around the vehicle.  The Tesla engineer driving the test vehicle didn’t seem to mind photos being taken and even mentioned that they were driving the vehicle home for the night. Take a look at the different photos and features below. The Model 3 was seen with full autopilot hardware and this close-up of the front-facing cameras. The Tesla vision system looks nearly identical to the current Model S and X system, but with a new rain sensor added (top right sensor). The Tesla Model S and X previously had rain sensors like this one, but disappeared with the Autopilot 2 hardware.

Tesla Model 3 – Up close!

Sightings of Tesla’s Model 3 near Silicon Valley and the company’s Fremont factory has become all too commonplace in recent weeks, but a new set of high quality photos showing a silver Model 3 at the popular Harris Ranch Supercharger station gives us a first look at Tesla’s upcoming mass market sedan charging midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The Harris Ranch Supercharger off of Interstate 5 in Coalinga, California is one of Tesla’s busier charging stations, strategically located roughly 190 miles in either direction between the two major cities. It’s also home to the now shutdown Tesla battery swap station.

Redditor WattLOL and Tesla owner recounts being at the Harris Ranch Supercharger when they spotted a gorgeous silver Model 3 release candidate also charging. They posted a series of very comprehensive and high quality photos of their Model 3 sighting as follows:

Tesla publishes Model 3 vs. Model S specifications

Tesla publishes Model 3 vs. Model S specifications

Tesla has begun distributing Model 3 information to its employees, showing a visual side-by-side comparison of Model 3 specifications against the company’s flagship Model S, according to Trevor Page founder of the Model3 Owners Club forum. “You won’t find this on Tesla’s site, it’s ‘talking points’ given to all Tesla employees for when talking to customer about the differences with Model S and Model 3”, says page.

The new photos posted by Page highlights several new data points for the Model 3 including a 0-60 mph time of 5.6 seconds. This is the first firm performance data point that has been publicly shared beyond a “sub 6 second” time. 5.6 seconds is just a hair slower than the 5.4 seconds achieved by the Model S 85kWh version, and a time that should put a smile on anyone looking at the base Model 3 configuration.

The much talked about Model 3 trunk also gets some attention in the new side-by-side Model 3 vs. Model S comparison. Model 3 will have less than half the cargo space of the Model S, measuring 14 cubic feet compared to the cavernous 30 cubic feet of the Model S. The measurement includes both front and rear cargo space. Tesla notes that the Model 3 will have a manual trunk compared to the power lift gate available on the Model S.

The simplification Tesla has done to bring Model 3 to market is also put on display in the newly published slides. Model 3 shifts from two massive displays found on the Model S to one smaller display that’s mounted in a landscape orientation. Tesla also notes that Model S has more than 1,500 configurations compared to less than 100 for Model 3. Streamlining production has been a key focus for the company as it aims for volume production this year. Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that first Model 3 deliveries will take place in July.

Some of the performance details of Tesla’s Model 3, which is set to begin production in July, were leaked today by insiders at the Tesla Model 3 Owners Club. An infographic comparing the new, $35,000 model with the fancier and more powerful Model S reports a 0-60 time of a zippy 5.6 seconds. While that’s slower than the Model S, the cheapest version of which is $69,500, it’s a bit quicker than the comparably priced Chevy Bolt, which takes 6.5 seconds to hit 60MPH. The leaked specs, which were confirmed to Road & Track by a Tesla spokesperson, also note a range of 215-plus miles. And while that number isn’t confirmed yet by the EPA, it’s just short of the Bolt’s 238-mile rating.

The highly anticipated Model 3 pulled in a whopping 252,000 pre-orders in the first two days of its availability alone and reached around 400,000 in total. But while the car is fast, the production is slow. And unfortunately for those waiting, the infographic also appears to confirm the expected mid-2018 delivery date. Your electric car road races will just have to wait.