Apple adds new ‘How to shoot on iPhone 7’ website & video series

Apple adds new ‘How to shoot on iPhone 7’ website & video series

Apple has long showcased the capabilities of the iPhone 7 camera, but now the company is working to help everyone take great looking images with the device. Today, Apple debuted a new series of videos, as well as a new website, focused on educating users on how to take the best images with their iPhone…

On the new website, Apple shares tips for shooting a plethora of different types of images and video. For instance, Apple gives tips for close-up shots, vertical panoramas, action shots, street light, stills while filming video, selfies, and much more. There are also tips and tricks for editing photos such as selfies.

Each of the tips has an accompanying video that walks users through the process. For instance, for shooting a vertical panorama, Apple walks users through the steps of using the panorama function in the Camera app, but moving the device vertically instead of horizontally like with typical panoramas. For more complex tricks, Apple offers a step-by-step walkthrough.

All of the videos are simple and easy to follow, generally coming in the form of screen captured footage, so users know exactly what buttons to press and what steps to follow on their own device.

Apple has uploaded some of the videos to its YouTube channel, but the full series can be found here on the new How to shoot on iPhone 7 website.