Belkin’s Wemo switches get Nest support

Belkin’s “Wemo” lineup of app-controlled smart home accessories is getting support for the Works with Nest program, which means you can now interface the smart thermostat with Belkin’s Wemo products in various ways.

The integration means that Wemo Switches— Wemo Insight Switch, Wemo Switch, Wemo Light Switch and Wemo Maker— can now tap into Nest’s home and away statuses to initiate their own setting changes and more. And you can now use the Wemo app on your mobile device to control certain Nest features, including viewing and changing the temperature and changing Home and Away modes.

Belkin offered some examples:

Together with Nest, Wemo users are now able to:

  • Have the porch light come on after you’ve left home so it looks like someone is there.
  • Turn on a fan when you leave so the air in your house keeps circulating even though the air conditioner isn’t running, keeping your house cooler without using as much energy.
  • Turn on all the lamps in your living room (or kitchen, entryway, etc.) when you get home so you don’t have to.
  • Turn off all the lamps in your home when you leave.
  • For the new features to work you’ll need version 1.15 of the Wemo app and of course a supported Wemo device— Wemo Insight Switch, Wemo Switch, Wemo Light Switch and Wemo Maker—  and a Nest thermostat.