iOS 8.2 Beta adds Apple Watch Bluetooth support

The latest iOS 8.2 beta for the iPhone adds support for Apple’s next major product launch: the Apple Watch. Inside of the Bluetooth Settings menu is a new panel specifically for pairing an iPhone with the Apple Watch. Additionally, the instructions inside of the Bluetooth menu specifically indicate that Apple will release a dedicated “Apple Watch app” for setting up and controlling the wearable device. An early preview of the Watch explained the standalone app as follows:

Apple Watch users will install an Apple Watch app on their iPhone, which will be used to download apps onto the watch as well as likely manage Apple Watch settings. A user’s iPhone is also used to help with computational demands. Apple cleverly pushes a lot of processor needs to the phone in order to preserve Apple Watch battery life.

The Apple Watch is currently scheduled to ship in March, sources said earlier this month. Apple will begin training its retail staff on the Apple Watch around mid-February. The Apple Watch application is not yet functional in the latest iOS 8.2 beta, but it will likely be pre-loaded into 8.2 upon its launch by March (or it will be available from the App Store). The Apple Watch only works with the iPhone 5 and newer, and will start at $349.