iOS 8 & OS X 10.10 Yosemite – Beta 2

For Mac

An update for OS X 10.10 Yosemite Beta has arrived. Coming to us from the Apple Dev Center is Yosemite Beta 2. What exactly is in the update, well, that’s technically under embargo, though as an update to a beta we’d expect it to be fixing features that weren’t quite up to production standards and tweaking things in response to beta tester feedback rather than an update with new features and the like.

Developers testing out Yosemite can grab it now from the developer center, or download it as an update through the Mac App Store. Yosemite brings a flattened user interface to the Mac that’s reminiscent of what launched in iOS 7, as well as greater integration between OS X and iOS 8. Though Yosemite is currently in a closed beta, Apple is expected to release a public beta for the OS later in the year, once we get closer to launch (which is likely only a few months away).



on the iPhone and iPad side

Beta 2 for iOS 8 has been released through Apple’s Dev Center or through on-device updating. There are a bunch of new features included in iOS 8, and developers rely on these betas to make sure their apps are good to go for when iOS 8 goes live for the general populace this fall. The first beta launched alongside the original announcement a few weeks ago.

Family Sharing, custom keyboards, and Wi-Fi calling, are just some of the new goodies to look forward to.