Picking up my iPad Air

I got to the Apple Store around 11:40 am to pick up my iPad Air, two lines, one for buy in store, and the other was for online orders.  The online order line was way too long !! longer than the buy at store line. The store opened at 8am, I guess I missed the rush ?? Stood in line for about 15 min, and this really cute girl genius helped me. 😛  I forgot her name though.

Got back to the office, fired up the old iPad, did a final iCloud backup, then restored from iCloud to the new iPad.


First impression

– Played with the iPad Air on display, you really have to hold it to believe how light it is.

– Looks and feels like an old friend, just lose some weight.


– No more Google Exchange on the new devices (Same problem when I upgraded to iPhone 5S), so I had to delete the old Google exchange accounts and entered them again via the Gmail profile

– iCloud key chain may freak some people out, it looks complicated, but it’s not. Read here