iPhone SE first look video

If you think the 2016 iPhone SE looks almost exactly like the 2013 iPhone 5s, you’re right. A small but passionate segment of Apple’s customer base loves everything about the 4-inch size and design, and Apple wants to give them what they love, but with all the updated technology they deserve to get the best experience possible.

Small packages
Sure, many of us are used to 4.7- or even 5.5-inch iPhones and iPhones Plus by now, but others have steadfastly refused to move up. That’s why Apple is giving them almost everything great about the latest iPhones 6s but crammed down into the iPhone 5s case.

That includes the ability to fit iPhone SE into almost any pocket or purse, and to reach all the way across the display, from corner to corner, with just one hand, and without any juggling or workarounds like Reachability.

Big power
Inside, iPhone SE has the screaming fast Apple A9 processor that, with fewer pixels to push around, is screaming louder than ever. Seriously, it feels like an F1 racecar.

Thanks to the A9 you get “Hey Siri” voice control, and Touch ID-enabled Apple Pay as well. And if you’re in a market that supports it, the SE supports ultra-fast 150 mbps LTE Advanced and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. That makes it as radio- fast as an iPhone 6.

There’s also NFC, which means Apple Pay at every retailer that supports it, including China.

Killer camera
Also amping up the inside is Apple’s 12 megapixel, 4K iSight camera. On paper it looks as good as the one inside iPhone 6s, which is among the best in the business.

The FaceTime camera sensor is the same as iPhone 5s, but it benefits from the A9’s image signal processor and the new Retina Flash for low-light selfies.

Live Photos is here, but there’s no 3D Touch, so you’ll have to touch and hold to activate them.

Pricing and Availability
iPhone SE comes in 16 and 64 GB models for $399 and $499 respectively, in your choice of silver, space gray, gold, or rose gold.

If this is the 4-inch iPhone you’ve been waiting for, and I suspect for many it will be, you can order starting March 24 and pick one up starting March 31.

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