Microsoft HoloLens is very cool !!

It is safe to say that no one in the audience at the Windows 10 launch event expected Microsoft to announce a Holographic platform. When Alex Kipman, a technical fellow on Microsoft’s OS team, first said the word holography, I thought I had misheard him. My mind flashed back to when holograms made their way onto charge cards as a security measure. Microsoft’s plans are much more ambitious. Redmond showed a video that demonstrated how holograms will be incorporated into our everyday lives, which looked a lot like the augmented-reality demos we have seen for years.d76d1d6c-a4e6-41d2-bc43-c9b49041a219

Then the Microsoft brought out a prototype headset, which looks more like Oculus Rift than Google Glass. HoloLens isn’t quite ready for sale, but Microsoft let the assembled press into its development lab to take it for a spin anyway. HoloLens is augmented-reality headset that allows you to mix the virtual world with the real world. Put on the headset and the glass screen can project a digital overlay on top of the physical word. It can be as simple as a Skype window or as complex as a 3D model of a jet engine.  In addition to the holograms, you can also see through the lens into the world around you, unlike Oculus Rift. As you move around an object, it stays in place the way a physical object would. Interestingly, the HoloLens maps physical space using a scanning technology that is very similar to the one used in Kinect. Like any new interface, it is hard to explain but a lot easier to understand when you are using it.

[ More Information from Microsoft Official Site ]

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