Siri On iPhone 4

Siri on iPhone4

Siri is a voice function for the iPhone 4S that allows the user to ask questions of all sorts and be answered back with intelligent responses. Siri does not handle well with accents and is not a perfect system. It’s currently in beta for the iPhone 4S – Apple promised to roll out more and more support with upcoming iPhone updates including more languages and functions. It was recent news that iH8sn0w and his buddyGojohnnyboi were working on porting Siri to older A4 devices. iPhone hackers warned that it would be impossible to do this without piracy. So if you’re brave and don’t care too much about the boundaries of the law (not that I support this sort of behavior, because that would be barbaric!), then perhaps you will be able to try out Siri on your jailbroken A4 device very soon. For obvious reasons I will not be providing links or guides for doing this. But following iH8sn0w on Twitter may guide in you in the right direction.

The current version of Siri on the iPhone 4 is still immature, but is capable of recognizing spoken commands. It probably won’t be released until the kinks are worked out so give it some time. Currently, devs are working on getting Siri on the iPhone 4 to correctly authenticate with Apple’s servers, which only allow for Siri to work on the iPhone 4S. This will take time. Be patient. At this point in time, the Siri project is private and has not been released onto Cydia nor is there any way to download it, but be assured that it will likely be out soon, so stay tuned!

Please make donations to these wonderful people if you have some spare change! They work hard to make sure we get the best out of our devices.

Below, are some screenshots of the project, by Christian Heusinger (Compliments of Josh Tucker):


Click to view the original image of 800x600px.

Click to view the original image of 800x600px.

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