Unboxing video shows Jet Black and matte black iPhone 7 models


If you’re sold on the idea of a black iPhone 7 but are still wavering between Jet Black and matte black, an unboxing video that shows the two side-by-side may help you make up your mind.

The matte black model is the larger 7 Plus, but it still gives you a good sense of how the two finishes compare. Another interesting point to note is step during the setup process where you get to choose the degree of haptic feedback offered by the touch-sensitive Home button …

YouTuber Marques Brownlee echoes what we heard in early reviews: that the feedback doesn’t do a convincing job of simulating a click at any of the three levels offered, simply making the whole phone vibrate. There’s no new info in the video, but it is useful to get a sense of how the two blacks look. If you’re not sure which to choose, Brownlee’s advice is to pick the safer option of the matte black to minimize the fingerprint and scratching issues highlighted by Apple and confirmed by reviewers. The other factor which may influence your choice is that Apple revealed that the Jet Black is currently completely sold out, so don’t expect to pick one up anytime soon.

Hands-on: Beats Solo3 Wireless

Apple made a big, polarizing splash when it announced its new wireless AirPods during last week’s iPhone 7 keynote. The AirPods, which are completely devoid of any wires, were met with plenty of mixed reactions online. Whether or not you agree with the design of the AirPods is one thing, but the new W1 wireless chip, Apple’s first, is promising to bring a better overall wireless audio experience to the masses.

Unfortunately, the AirPods don’t ship until late October, so unless you’re among the few who received early review units, you’ll have to wait until the fall before you can experience the $159 wireless earphones for yourself. That said, you can still take Apple’s new wireless W1 chip for a spin, arguably the most important component of its AirPods, anyway.

The W1 wireless chip is not only embedded in Apple’s AirPods, you’ll find the same chip tucked away in several pairs of new Beats-branded headphones as well. The just-released Beats Solo3 On-Ear Wireless Headphones, for instance, has the distinction of being the first product to hit the market with a W1 chip nestled inside. As such, we felt that it was only right to provide you with a hands-on look at this compelling new wireless headphone option.